Travel Concierge Nurses

A nursing concierge service that provides nursing assistance and risk management coordination to groups while traveling.

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Committed to safe Travel

We help to alleviate the concerns of safety and risk by being apart of the planning process and also providing nursing services during the trip to ensure your organization meets the needs of your multi-generational travel group.

Our Services

In addition to assisting with mitigating health risk during the planning stage, we meet with the the traveling group prior to departure to help give guidance on health matters to be aware of, what to expect, and a reminder of things to pack prior to departure. Depending on the size of the group, between one to three nurses travel with the travel group during the entire trip. Our nurses will have medical supplies on hand to provide first aid and will be your groups first responders for any medical emergency that may occur until further help arrives for emergent situations.

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Risk Management Travel Planning

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Nursing Services while traveling

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Meet our Team

Ebonie Hardman RN MSN MBA


An upper level management executive with over 20 years of experience in a unique combination of nursing, risk management, quality controls, and business management expertise.

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Versey McLendon RN MSN

COO & education manager

Over 45 years of a combination of skilled nursing, research, education, nursing management, and missions nurse in seven countries.

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Lois McCoggle MS

medical supplies manager

Over 40 years in a combination of education, program and operation management, and procurement logistics.

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Our Cost

We offer affordable prices that are absorbed within the total price of the group travel rates per traveler. Our fees are based on the number of travelers within the group, location, and activities planned. Exact pricing can be discussed during the consultation.


Travel Concierge Nurses is a nursing concierge service ​that provides nursing assistance and risk management ​coordination to groups while traveling. Our nurses travel ​with your group and are apart of the travel planning ​process. Our Registered nurses and Nurse Practitioners ​have been nurses for at least 10 years, have extensive ​critical care and emergency medicine experience, BLS ​certified, have a current valid nursing license, and are ​graduates from an accredited nursing programs in the ​United States.

Travel Concierge Nurses works with travel organizations ​that coordinate travel for groups. All of our nurses are ​insured and our service fee is a part of the overall cost for ​the trip. Our services put both the organization and ​travelers at ease to know that travel risk, accommodations, ​and the health of all travelers have been mitigated. While it ​is impossible for a company to avoid all risk, we help ​reduce the chances of travelers becoming injured and ​improve the organizations ability to adapt to unexpected ​events. We identify, assess, and plan for potential ​situations that could pose a threat to your organization.







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Travel Concierge Nurses

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